Nilu picked up a camera at the age of eight, and on looking through the frame was instantly spellbound; it was the first time she had ever seen something sharp and out of focus at the same time. She has held onto her camera ever since.

Nilu’s energetic, vibrant and paramount to her method, discreet approach to her photography has led her to working as the in-house photographer for Opera Holland Park, documenting life in the community for Kensington and Chelsea and the arts council and projects for Hermes. She has been photographing private and commercial social events for 35 years.

Her unyielding passion for the art and applications of photography shine from every aspect of her work, be it a documentary-style shoot of a birthday and wedding, capturing the outlandish world of fashion for Fashion Fringe or simply doing classic portraiture.

She is still holding on to her camera and has no intention of letting go…